Visual Marketing Strategy — Getting Started – The Digital Marketing Minute Episode #1 [Video]

With the growth of Instagram and Pinterest, marketers now have more options than ever to extend the reach of their brand more visually. This said, the art of visual storytelling is one more skill the adroit marketer must have as a part of her skill set to stay relevant.

So, here are three things you should know to start developing a visual strategy for your company.

Who is doing a good job of visual storytelling with Instagram or Pinterest?

Where should you start?

Review a good mix of Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Follow 10, 15, or 20 accounts and check them everyday. Spend 5 minutes daily for a month reviewing what is happening with the companies you follow. Both the good and bad. Take notes about what you like, ideas you might want to try, and what you need to keep in mind.

What should you be doing?

Look at your digital content. How can you translate it to a visual medium? What images come to mind that are relevant to showing people instead of telling them? The above examples show images of:

  • The customers expressing the brand’s value
  • Activities, events and people that reinforce your brand messaging
  • Customers using the product
  • Employees’ human side or at work
  • And areas that are broader like history as it relates to the company’s brand or uses

Try any or all of theses and see what works. Keep what you like, and that which you feel has promise, and drop the ones that don’t seem to gel. Experimenting is required to become a seasoned hand with every skill. Remember: Mistakes are the petri dish for great creative.

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