Visual Marketing Strategy — Getting Started – The Digital Marketing Minute Episode #1 [Video]

With the growth of Instagram and Pinterest, marketers now have more options than ever to extend the reach of their brand more visually. This said, the art of visual storytelling is one more skill the adroit marketer must have as a part of her skill set to stay relevant.

So, here are three things you should know to start developing a visual strategy for your company.

Who is doing a good job of visual storytelling with Instagram or Pinterest?

Where should you start?

Review a good mix of Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Follow 10, 15, or 20 accounts and check them everyday. Spend 5 minutes daily for a month reviewing what is happening with the companies you follow. Both the good and bad. Take notes about what you like, ideas you might want to try, and what you need to keep in mind.

What should you be doing?

Look at your digital content. How can you translate it to a visual medium? What images come to mind that are relevant to showing people instead of telling them? The above examples show images of:

  • The customers expressing the brand’s value
  • Activities, events and people that reinforce your brand messaging
  • Customers using the product
  • Employees’ human side or at work
  • And areas that are broader like history as it relates to the company’s brand or uses

Try any or all of theses and see what works. Keep what you like, and that which you feel has promise, and drop the ones that don’t seem to gel. Experimenting is required to become a seasoned hand with every skill. Remember: Mistakes are the petri dish for great creative.

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Pinterest Marketing: 10 Great Links to Get You Started and a Bonus Podcast

Pinterest Marketing: 10 Great Links to Get You Started and a Bonus Podcast

Red Pinterest logo

I wont lie, I’ve been quite smitten with Pinterest as of late. Both as a user and as a digital marketer. So much so that I’ve churned out a few posts and an entire podcast with my co-host Cory OBrien on our weekly SoLoMo Show. Are you still trying to figure out how to take advantage of Pinterest to market your brand? Then check out the round up of links to some of my recent posts, more great posts from around the web and for good measure, I’ve included a recent episode of our podcast completely dedicated to how to get started marketing on the increasingly popular image curation community.

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Reality or Excuse? Why I Neglected My Blog and You Might Be Doing the Same

Reality or Excuse? Why I Neglected My Blog and You Might Be Doing the Same

Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, let’s just cut to the chase. While I’ve been busy blogging away on other great digital marketing blogs like SocialMediaExplorer, and others, I have been neglecting our blog here at Secret Sushi Creative. The team and I have been buzzing away working with clients like Broadcom, Meltwater Group, Bunchball, Fastmac and others and while clients do come first our blog weeps softly awaiting an updated post or three. Add in the time it takes to produce a new weekly digital marketing podcast that I co-host and a healthy dose of important time with my family and my weeks are usually filled, but my blog remains empty. Bottom line, it all boils down to time and priorities.

So why write this? Well, priorities change and although I don’t have any plans to discontinue my contributions elsewhere I do want to make the Secret Sushi blog a higher priority. You see, I’m a firm believer in the power your blog has. To build brand affinity, develop rapport, incite conversation, increase page rank, communicate ideas… your blog is one of the best tools on the social web for doing all of these things. I’ve been walking the talk about social media all over the web, driving traffic back to our site only to welcome folks with a dusty post from months ago. It’s time to do a little Spring cleaning and make this place more welcoming for others like you who are reading this and enjoy great content related to business, digital marketing, design and social media marketing.

My question to you is, have you been neglecting your blog? When was the last time you posted something? Maybe you need to break out the feather duster and wipe the dust off that publish button? Maybe you need to spend less time updating on Facebook or repinning that crazy looking dress on Pinterest so you can carve out enough time to give your home base a little love.

Are you with me? Then let me know in the comments what you intend to do to get back on the blogging horse (is there such a thing?) and put your blog to good use! Of course, you can also hold my feet to the fire as well by subscribing here via RSS or email in the right hand side bar.

I look forward to talking with you again soon.

(Thank you to my friend Mary Ann who called me out on our blog and inspired this post.)

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